Monday, August 10, 2009

"Swing Daddy"

Kathryn got a pretty new pink swing a couple of weeks ago and has truly grown to love it! It has become our daddy daughter activity! She will come up and say "swing Daddy", and how can you tell her no? So off we go to swing. With all the swinging we have done, she has learned the higher you go the better it is!! So last night we were outside swinging pretty high, too high for mom's liking i suppose. We were summoned and went inside to be told we were going way to high! So I had to tell Kit we weren't able to do "underdog's" anymore. Mama didn't like to see her little girl go so high. With a very serious face and no hesitation what so ever Kathryn turned to Loni and said, "Mama chicken." So needless to say kit can still, "see the moon!"

Look at how happy my lil princess is!! I sure love this little girl.


Swa said...

I'd be chicken too! Pretty sure I'll have a similar pic of Jake and Whitney about a year from now too. You are such a good daddy Zak

Anonymous said...

No need to go to Lagoon!