Friday, August 7, 2009

24th of July

This year we had a very hectic July 24th. Any of you who know Zak's family know Heber and the 24th are a big deal! It is pretty much a family reunion every year and anyone who wants to come along and enjoy Heber City Fireworks in Grandma and Grandpa's yard are welcome. This year however we had a very sudden and sad death. Grandma Til has been fighting cancer for the last 8 years and she has been fighting the strongest battle I have seen. She is an AMAZING woman who not once in the four years Zak and I have been together have I heard her complain about being in pain. Her cancer came in full force the last few months and it was just too much for this strong willed woman to take. She finally started asking for medical help and although it was a very fast downhill spiral it was the best way for her to leave this life and enjoy a painfree life watching over all of us. I was so blessed to be able to go to Heber and visit with her, especially through the last few months. All of my grandparents passed away fairly young and Grandma Til took me in and treated me just like the rest of her grandchildren. She loved her Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren so much. I know they were her world and she lives on in all 30+ of them.  She passed away just shy of a week before the 24th and although we missed her so much this year, it was so fun to have the entire Christensen family together to celebrate her life and love.

I was so busy visiting with cousins we don't get to see too often I didn't get too many pictures. Here are just a couple of the ones I did manage to shoot.

Here are four of the seven great grand-daughters. I think it is so fun to see the family resemblance in the kids.  Here is Kit, Abby, Kayla and Oakley.  Just a side note Abby and Oakley both have twin brothers. You wonder where twins come from??
Zakery and Grandpa John. Definitely one of Zak's hero's.

I just had to add this picture. Look at Grandpa's face. He absolutely loves his little grandbabies!

Ok this is a CLASSIC Grandpa situation. These two shots were taken maybe five seconds apart. Grandpa was enjoying Zak and Kit's company and as he looked over at Kit for this picture he caught Jake, Zak's brother, taking off down the road in an unregistered barely running 1942 Jeep that was loaded with kids unrestrained.....
I just can't help but giggle. This is why we sometimes call John Grandpa Grump and I know many of you have seen this look on my own husbands face!! 

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