Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tag!! Where were you....

20 Years Ago: I was three years old...To be honest I really don't remember a whole lot about that time of my life.  I was living in Bountiful on 3400 South.  Pretty exciting!!

10 Years Ago: I was in 8th grade at SDJH. I was in my glory years!! I was 8th grade class president and I am pretty sure I thought I was cool. (boy, was I wrong!!) I played Basketball, Volleyball and ran Track.  My nights consisted of watching Kyle Markisich play ball on my court in back and talking for hours over stupid things we thought were the most important decisions of our lives.  I was ALWAYS with Chalise and Lauren on the weekends and we did nothing but watch Kyle, Bryce, and their friends play basketball or freakin Madden on Playstation.  What LOOSERS!!

5 Years Ago: I was going to school at SLCC in the Cosmetology program.  I was watching all my guy friends go on missions and I was basically bummin around.  The most note worthy moment 5 years ago would have to be dating a certain "Bear Laker" which in turn introduced one of his best friends to my best friend Lauren and now they are happily married with a darling little boy!! I am a matchmaker :)

3 Years Ago: I started dating Zak!! Greatest year of my life!! I was planning a wedding and working at Sheer Indulgence in Bountiful.  I loved 2005

1 Year Ago: Life changed completely! We just moved into our first home in Layton and found out we were pregnant shortly after.  Zak started working out of town A LOT and I spent a lot of quality time with my family trying to recoup after our slap in the face tragedy loosing our mom.

So Far This Year: LIFE IS GREAT!!! I couldn't be happier.  We have a gorgeous healthy baby girl.  She is starting to roll over and finding her voice.  She pretty much is my best little friend.  I spend a lot of time talking to her and sharing secrets...Sure glad she can't talk yet.  I am spending a lot of time trying to build my clientele back up at Sheer Indulgence and also baby-sitting my nephew and niece.  Zak is still working out of town, but we couldn't be closer.  I look forward to his phone calls all day long and especially at night.

Yesterday: I worked a LONG day at the salon.  I love those days. It really makes the time go by faster.  I missed my doodlebug all day and I really missed Zak.  I also started making a list of things I need to get done for our trip to Hawaii. I can't wait!!!

Today: We started oft the day with some tending.  I was able to watch Troy and Jada today!  Those are always fun days.  I drove out to Neptune Divers to get my new dive card and come to find out it still isn't in :{ I hope I can figure something out by Monday.  I went to the mall and did some last minute shopping for a swim suit and some summer clothes that aren't stretched out from trying to squeeze my pregnant body into them!  Kit was kind of fussy today.  I really hope this is teeth coming in because I think I may have a drama queen on my hands if not!  I finished reading New Moon ( still loving it!) I also just realized today is 14 years since my dad passed away.  I sure do miss him.  As you can see my life really isn't much to brag about.  Pretty much the same thing day in and day out.  I love it though.  

I tag:
1. Teya
2. Joni
3. Troy
4. Lynsi


Jada Rose said...

My first game of tag I'm sure went very similarly to this. Someone slaps me on my back and I turn around and wonder who the freak just hit me? So Kat what do I do if I was "tagged"? I dunno how to do this stuff

...uhhh...errr ready set hike! am I on offense or defense?

Kate Smith said...

Loni (and Zak) loved the tag updates - succinct and accurate. Hard to believe that 10 years have gone by since those horrible days at SDJH. I would like to clarify that you were cool in junior high! drop me a line when you're back from your trip, kate smith

Lynsi Marshall said...

Oh no I've been Tagged! It's crazy how 10 years can just fly bye.

CnLAland said...

Loni....sorry I'm so slow at commenting back! Thanks for your comments on my blog. I honestly don't know exactly what my husband does at work (haha) but I do know he's in the engineering department. He works a lot on hooking up equipment at substations, etc. So will you be moving to Vernal? I hope not...for your sake! ;)'s not that's just nice to live by family! Maybe one day we will be neighbors in Heber City! ;)

Melanie said...

Hey, Loni! It was fun to find your blog! I'm so glad to hear that things are going so well for all of you. We miss seeing you!

Melanie (Inman) Olson

seanteyatroy said...

Seriously......March 12th?????? Get a move on it ehe!!!

Jada Rose said...

Yah thats pretty sad kat! Plus, you have a story or two that you can share from that trip!

Anonymous said...

Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you