Monday, March 31, 2008


Ok Ok it has been quite a while since I updated, but life is just nuts.  We got back from Hawaii on Tuesday...Yes a day later than we had planned.  I was incharge of booking our flights and I didn't realize you get home a day later than you plan you flight on.  Needless to say Sunday night rolled around and Zak and I were very very homesick and we weren't booked on that flight with the rest of my family.  We HAD to stay in Hawaii for one extra day, no hotel or car and very homesick.  Usually people would be thrilled to make such an idiotic mistake, but I was devastated.  We finally got home Tuesday afternoon and our peanut girl was thrilled to see us.  I really don't think she would have mind staying at Grams for the rest of the week, but I needed her home!  
We had a great time in Kauai.  Zak experienced his first open sea dive and we went a good ninety plus feet underwater.  We saw amazing turtles and sharks and most notably hump back whales!!  If you want to see the amazing footage, go to Troy's website.  It was so amazing!  Zak was able to throw on his snorkel gear fast enough to jump in the ocean and see a whale about 10 feet from him.  Sooooo cool!!!!  I think he is now converted to Scuba, YAY!!!
We had a lot of rain the first few days, but by the end of the trip we had great sunshine and I managed to get a tan!  We went on an amazing helicopter ride the last day we were stranded in Hawaii and I am so glad we did it.  The waterfalls were absolutely amazing and the Na Pali coast was beautiful.  We also went on a little tubing adventure and although it was a lot of fun to tube down old sugar cane canals, I froze my booty off!!! I am not kidding I think the first stages of hypothermia set in.  Good times, good times. 

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