Friday, March 7, 2008

My new obsession!!!

Since my darling daughter hits the sack around 8 pm I have a good two or three hours to hang out by myself at night.  I talk to Zak for a good hour on the phone, then make him go to bed ( 5am comes pretty early!) so I need to find something to fill my time with.  I have started reading the Stephenie Meyer books.  I am absolutely obsessed!! I started the first one on Sunday night and I am already done with the second.  Keep in mind they are a good 400+ pages, but fairly easy reading.  I can't wait to read the next and see the movie when it comes out.  I think everyone should indulge in them. 


Lynsi Marshall said...

I'm in love with Edward!

CnLAland said...

Loni....ok...I am not a stalker, but I saw your page on Teya's and had to take a look at your DARLING little girl!! Holy cow she is cute! I also saw ( my stalker qualities are coming out!!) that your husband works for the power company in Heber City. My husband works for a power company out here in Roosevelt (you have to pass through here to get to Vernal!) My dream come true would be if my hubby could find a job and move us to Heber City. Would your husband ever know of any 'SCADA' (I have no idea what that is, means, or if I spelled it right...) job openings where he works? If can email me at I seriously would OWE you big time for helping me to leave the 'basin'. (your husband will understand after having to live his weeks in Vernal!!) Thanks...and I promise to not to stalk you except for a peek here and there of your CUTE little Kit! :)

~Lindsay (Parrish)

Heidi said...

Hey Loni,
We are going to Maui. I have never been to Kauai, but am dying to see it. It is supposed to be the most beautiful. I hope you have a great time.

I make my blog headers on photoshop. If you ever want me to make you one, I would love to! Just email me and let me know what colors you are attracted to and what you want it to say etc. Any specifics! I have been making a lot of them lately for friends. Let me know!

Take Care and Talk to you soon!!!

Heidi said...

By the way . . . do I get to be one of your blogger friends?

The Parks Fam said...

Everyone seems to be totally obsessed with these books. Maybe I should get reading?? The closest I ever get to reading is the People Magazine though so who knows how far I would get. Love ya Lon! Hope things are going fabulous for you guys!

Sibber said...

Totally have read all three books... Swa is on #2 now... thanks to me! THEY ARE AWESOME!!Add me girl! I love ya and your pictures of your fam are darling! TTFN!