Monday, November 10, 2008

A little taste of heaven!!!


I have just experienced what food will be like in heaven! Zak and I spent a nice relaxing weekend in Park City for our anniversary and we decided to spend our money on food! I am not kidding when I say Ruth's Chris has the best steak I have EVER tasted in my life.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to pay.  

We sure had a nice time just lounging around.  I have no pictures to post because, well we are not to exciting.  


The Parks Fam said...

Ummm the picture didn't work, but Im guessing you went to Ruth's Chris at Hotel Park City? Or am I wrong? if so, it really is the best steak! Its Casey's favorite place ever! Hope you had a fun weekend!!

Staci Swainston said...

YUmmy! I LOVE ruths chris. i totally forgot you guys were going up for your anniversary. we were gonna invite you over for dinner last night, but LP was on call and got called out to Draper. However, i don't think our chili and frito's would've compared to a nice juicy Ruths Chris steak?! :) HAppy Anniversary!!!