Wednesday, May 7, 2008

a little continuation...

This is how Kit and Dad spend their nights when Daddy gets home from work...Yes she is a full blown thumb sucker and I think it is absolutely adorable!!
We had a fun date night with our friends Jesse and Ashley and Ryker and Kit had their first date! Kit was obviously a little more excited than Ryker!!
So here is another fun play date with Ashley and Lyndsi.  I had Troy this day and I don't own a double stroller...I will NEVER again attempt the zoo without a double stroller and two kids under two!
Zak and I are doing a complete over haul on our yard and we recruited the help of Zak's family.  Grandma obviously took on the babysitting and fixing our rock wall. When you combine the two this is what happens.  She LOVES dirt and I thought it was just too cute to be upset.  What's a little extra iron in the diet, eh?

Kathryn Til and Grandma Til
This is at Ryker's baby blessing.  Gabby and Kit were kind of in matching Ralph Lauren dresses and it was just too dang cute.  Again Kit is far more interested in Gabby than she is in her!
Grandma Jackie's birthday party!
Kit's first Bee's game!  Of course we had to get her a bat and a hat!...
and of course Dad had to try it on!!!


Jake and Shannon Box said...

Ava just started the thumb sucking thing last week. I'm glad you think it's cute and that Ava isn't the only one doing it...It drives me crazy!!!!

Lynsi Marshall said...

I love the pictures they are way cute specially the one of Kit and Gabby!

Aaron & Liz said...

The Petersen family is looking great! Your little girl is the cutest thing I have seen! I found you through the Box's site through another friend! Looks like everything is going well I am so happy for you guys! Take care! Liz Truxal Littell

Allison said...

Loni, I was so happy to run into you the other day. Kit is beautiful just like her mom. I love how interactive she is. Please keep in touch! Love, Alli