Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm updating!! I'm updating!!!!

In complete fear of my brother and sister I am going to update on my not so eventful life! Zak is finally working in state!  He still has to drive to Herriman every day, but at least he gets to come home to us at night.  We have both decided to go back to school at Weber State.  Zak is going to pursue a degree in Construction Management and and I am going to do something in business.  We will see how it goes!!  Here are some totally awesome pictures from our life...since we all know that is about the only reason people look at these things!

Kit's six month pictures
(No I didn't put lip-gloss on her...It's drool!)  
Her darling Easter Dress
My little beach bum!
She totally peed on the chair in this picture, oops!  
I guess I should have left her diaper on.


Jada Rose said...
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Jada Rose said...

Well its about freaking time! Kat use the next few days to post some more cute pics of Kathryn! Her and Jada are gonna be so stinking cute in their dresses! And not to fear, Jada was worried she wouldn't match her dress, so she attempted an Indiana Jones from the fireplace to the slide, except the slide...well...slid so she has a nice purple eye now! Grrrrrr.

Heidi said...

Okay, Loni, she could not be any cuter! She is one gorgeous little babe! But hello? Look at her mom and dad!
I hope you are doing great!
That is great you are going back to school.
Good Luck!

The Schoenfeld's said...

So cute! I just want to squeeze her. Need to have a play date soon!

Josh n' Joni said...

Holy cute pictures! What a beautiful baby.

Colby & Steph Stringham said...

oh my gosh... can she be any freakin cuter!?!