Friday, August 7, 2009

T.D's B-day!

Every Year we get to go spend the 3rd of July celebrating Troy Danny's birthday. For the past three years we have made it kind of a tradition to go to Eaglewood and hang out to watch the fireworks. Here is a little sample of our fun!
Troy is absolutely OBSESSED with Thomas the Train so his cake this year was decked out with the whole Thomas theme. Jada thought she needed to help blow out his candles :)
Here is Troy's little brother Braden! He is such a cutie!! He is going in on the 17th of August to get his lip repaired and I know I am going to miss this little face. I have really fallen in love with it, but it will be so much fun to see how he looks after his surgery.
A fun little family portrait. I was so glad Zak was able to be home for the 4th. I think this was the first time since we have been married that he was able to watch fireworks with me. I LOVE July it is my favorite month to spend time with family and enjoy the outdoors!
Kit thinks ANYTHING Troy likes is pretty cool. She would just sit and stare at this cake and every now and then we would catch her putting her cute little finger into the frosting and would say "...ummmm, Licious!"
Kit loves to get her face painted. She sits there so calmly every time. I think she is going to like facials when she gets older :)


Brian&Em said...

I LOVE July too. Lucas would have a hay-day with that cake. He is obsessed with Thomas too. You look absolutely adorable. If only we all could look so cute pregnant...sigh.

Auntie Ann said...

I would love to still be able to see your blog. I have really enjoyed the pictures because I don't get to visit with you or see Jackie much.
Love, Miss Ann