Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just want to brag about my husband...

I just want to brag a little bit today :) Zak and I were down on Redwood Road looking for some tile and as we walked out of the building a blue minivan lost control and completely crashed into a light pole on the side of the road knocking it and the power line attached into the road. It was quite shocking to see an accident like that out of nowhere and especially since I have never really witnessed a car accident. He took no hesitation and told me to call 911 and he ran across the road to make sure the guy was ok. A little bit of panic hit him when he saw an empty car seat in the back, but luckily only the driver was in the car and his adrenaline got him out of his car faster than I have ever seen someone crawl out of the back door of their own car! When all was ok with the driver he immediately went into "Lineman" mode and wanted to get the power line out of the street so the traffic that was backed up going both directions could get through. He had all his line gear in the truck so he grabbed the tools he needed and went to cut the power so he could get the line out of the road. Everyone started yelling at him, "no, don't you will get electrocuted!!" He just chuckled and said "no, really I am ok!" It was only a line serviced to a street light, non-the-less he pulled the wire out of the road and we laughed as the cars passed by honking and giving him the thumbs up! I was a proud lineman's wife!   

On that note, I guess I could update you with the last month. First off...Zak's line rodeo. This is a yearly event where apprentices and journeyman lineman compete climbing poles and simulating different work experiences. It is fun to watch how much Zak has gained confidence in the last four years. This was his last Rodeo as an apprentice and I don't know if he will do one as a journeyman, but it is fun to see what he does at work.

"belting off" on top of the pole.

Changing a fuse:

Hurt man rescue:
Waiting for the dummy to come back up the pole. 

Self explanatory!!
They have a kiddy carnival while the kids wait for their daddy's. Kit was playing on the jumpy castle and digging through sawdust for treats. Grams thought she needed to have her face painted and here is my little Tiger! She was such a good girl getting her face done. I think it was totally relaxing to her :) 
and she approves....THUMBS UP!!


Chris and Chalise said...

Wow...way to go Zak! I am super impressed. Also Kit the Tiger is Grrrrreat! Ha ha but seriously she is so freaking cute! Thanks for the haircut I love it! See ya soon!

Mandy said...

She looks so cute! Way to go Zak! That's awesome!

Josh n' Joni said...

I'm proud to say he's my cousin. :) Good job Zak!

Kit is getting so big. She makes a cute tiger!

seanteyatroy said...

DANG!!! Way to go Zak!!! Wish I could've seen it!! are SOOOOO stinkin' cute! See ya'll soon!

me said...

That is seriously awesome. Good job Zak! Kit looks cute as a Tiger too.