Monday, January 5, 2009

Just a quick update!!

Well this is Zak, so if the blog isn't as cute and clever as usual it is my fault! Or is it the fact New Mexico sucks? Maybe a little of both I guess. Anyway I came home on the 23rd of December for a wonderful holiday break! It was full of family parties and time at home! It was awesome to be home with my little LuLu and my beautiful bride. On top of being home it was Christmas, New Years and even the Sugar Bowl!! So we were busy:

 is always super busy with all the places we need to go and the people to see. So the last two years we have just opened our doors to "all sides" and partied the night away at our house. So much easier!! Oh and fun!! really it is fun to see the little ones getting excited for the brownies (our family's special elf's) to come and have the cousins together is something special to us!! Kathryn had a wonderful Christmas!! She still hasn't gotten the whole Santa thing yet but she loves getting new stuff!! She actually got a little bored with unwrapping the gifts but LOVED getting them!! 
 got her first kitchen set with all the fake food, and a whole bunch of super cute clothes. It was hard for her to understand the chicken leg in her toys wasn't to eat but to play with, but she is getting it now!! Loni got a new camera that she seems to like!! So there should soon be many picture updates and not so many words!! I saved the best for new snow blower!
Awesome!! It totally throws the snow into my neighbors yard perfectly!! Once i get done using that i am now able to come in and wrap up in my super sweet new Utah Utes quilt!! Ok Christmas was nice.
New Years: Well it came in with a bang!! We again just opened our doors to our family and this time we spent most of the night, actually the whole night eating lots of food and playing carnival games on the Wii it was a good time. Princess Peterson didn't make it to midnight. She went to bed at her normal time...Eight!
Loni sure wished that she could have joined her then, but Loni made it to see Jake and Sam's sweet ten minute firework show!!
And of course the Sugar Bowl: Yes we are Ute fans that agree with everyone else that didn't spend the last of their money to go to New Orleans... "we should have!!!" With me being gone so much i know we made the right choice in not going and spending that time at home as a family. But again the same ole story...Loni made all kinds of yummy food and everyone was invited to come see the Utes roll the Tide. It was awesome. I am already excited for next season in section 36!!! Go Utes!!!
K that is all that went on the ten days i was home in a nut shell! Well not really that was a small part of three days, but i am sure you are bored. So i will have Loni load some pics and will be done!!


The Baum's said...

Roll Utes Roll :) Got to love being number 2 in the nation.
Sounds like you guys had a similar holdiay to ours, good time good food great family and to top it all of a sugar bowl win could not have been better

Sarah Jane said...

Lon, no worries, Jake thinks Kit looks just like YOU!

The Baker's said...

Kay, Loni! That sounds good. I haven't seen you or Kit since she was a newborn so think up a project we can do and we'll get to it!