Friday, September 19, 2008

Zak's sick weekend in the Big D!!


Where to start...I guess the beginning would be fine, The last few weeks have been LONG ones. Twelve to thirty hour days at work, six or seven days a week. I don't know if it was the hours we were working or the fact that I knew i was going to Dallas! Whatever the reason the weeks were long. 

On saturday a buddy from work and i set off to the airport headed to Dallas Texas. Yup for all you that follow the news hurricane Ike was in full swing. Its ok we made it and it was AWSOME. A little rain and a lot of wind the first day but it didn't stop us! We were off to see all we could: The first stop was Texas stadium... What a dump!!! I was totally disappointed. It was old and run down. The locker room at Woods Cross competes with this place! Well to a point, there is much more tradition and stink in the carpet at Texas stadium!! But I made it, walked on the actual playing field, ran down the tunnel, sat in T. O. 's locker and pretended to be Jerry Jones...I did it all. I was a kid in the candy shop. 

(For those who are putting two and two together... yes it was Saturday and the Utes were playing....So you know I had Red on!! Go Utes!!) Ok back on track...Jerry Jones is a cheap skate! Nothing extra in this stadium, EVERYTHING was the original here. 

So we left and had to see the new stadium...I found out why Jerry was saving money at the old place, to put it all in the new one. Wow this stadium is unreal. It will have everything.

The rest of our trip will be summarized quickly, the more I talk about it the more I want to go back. We had a great time!! The new stadium is in Arlington, Right next to the Texas Rangers field. Saw that and could also see Six Flags.... Had to go!!! I think Ike scared everyone away. Although the weather was beautiful there was nobody at the park. We were able to ride every ride at least three times and were still out of there in half a day!

Ok the reason we went, the home opener for the Cowboys against The Eagles on monday night... Can it get any better than this??? It did. We got hooked up with Pat McQuistan # 77 and he got us front row seats!! Oh gees it was great. I am sure I am just rambling on so to the pics!!!

The new Cowboys stadium will be open next year. 
Jerry will end up spending 1.3 billion dollars on this place!!
  Texas stadium...OLD!!!  It looks alot better on TV
     In the tunnel this is painted on the wall right across from the locker room doors.
                        See Utah gear!! There wasnt anything that belonged to Jessica!!!
 Jesse and I front row at the game!!! Go Dallas!!!
                               Count them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 yup five time Super Bowl Champs!!
      Marion Barber, Kathryn loves her new #24 Jersey!! "Kit the Barbarian" it works I guess
          Jason Whiton went and gave this little dude in a wheel chair five durning warm ups.
hubba hubba
Go Cowboys!!!



Josh n' Joni said...

It looks like you had a great time Zak! Next stop, Kansas City!? Tell your girls hi for us.

Jada Rose said...

That looks so fun! I LOVE IT!!!! Totally Jealous!!!! I still think Michigan was waaaay more fun! ;-)

Kyle and Jamie said...

Ok I have seen a lot of posts in my day; however, I have never seen one of this caliber. Honeslty this is the best post of all time. I don't even feel like looking at another post for the rest of my life becasue this post casts a shadow over all the rest. I can now die a happy man knowing I have seen the best post of all time. May you be blessed for your efforts in creating this life changing post. Well done Zak...Well done.