Saturday, August 9, 2008


This is definitely our favorite past time!  Every chance we get to be at the lake we take it.  I am so proud of Zak he is really getting good at skiing and it is so much fun to watch him!

Kit LOVES the water.  She could play all day long in it.  Daddy is the best, he stays out there as long as she wants him too even when it starts to get a bit chilly! Kit is such a big girl, she is a true sport with her life jacket and doesn't complain too much when it is on.

"Hey, where did everyone go?"
Grams and Papa came with us and this is what I found when I left them alone for two seconds!!! 


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We should have a great day today.

Jenny and Jon said...

You guys have so much fun boating! I'm jealous. Whenever I go boating I just hang out on the boat and go tubing sometimes. Skiing and wakeboarding hurt my back too much. The picture of Kit burried in the sand is hilarious!