Monday, June 23, 2008

Yard Work

We have got quite a bit of work to do on our yard so we rented a mini "X" one Saturday afternoon and got to work.  I was babysitting Troy that night so he need to earn his keep around our place!
This is how us Peterson girls enjoy a Saturday afternoon!  Loungin around on our blankets in the cold!!!

We had to get the mini into the backyard and I thought it wasn't fair for Zak to be the only one to play with the big toys so I got my turn and yes I accidently tore the fence down!  Oops!

Kit wanted a try as well, so daddy gave her a little spin around the yard....
and then it was Troy's turn. He loved playing with the big "truck".  He is so stinckin cute and looks so much like Zak people always tell him he has a little clone.  Creepy!!
All done with our chores so it was tub time,  this is definitely Kit's favorite part of the day!

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