Monday, June 23, 2008

A race for every "head case"

I have been extremely busy the last few months with numerous activities, church callings and a little vaca! So I will catch you up on the last month.
We ran in a race for the Brain Injury Association of Utah last month and for my family it was important for a few reasons. Of course the main reason we were there was to support our little buddy Charlie Cooper.  He got Meningitis in January and it caused quite a bit of brain damage.  My second reason for running was in support for my uncle Bob who fell 50 feet rock climbing three years ago and suffered some serious head trauma and is here three years later alive and doing well. 

My third and final reason is to run for those who have lost someone to a head or brain trauma.  My incredible mother was taken from us very prematurely and tragically when she fell down the stairs a year and a half ago and hit her head on a marble table and died a few short hours later.  Head trauma has some serious effects and I have three very close people in my family who have been in all stages.  I think I will make this run a yearly event!

Here is Teya, Kit, Me and my awesome uncle Bob.
If you want to see more pictures from this event and just witness what an impact one little life can have on so many people, go to Troy's blog and check out an amazing picture show he did for the Christensens. 

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ashley & jesse said...

So can I run this with you next year? I think it would be fun!