Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bowling...I hate bowling!!!

So one of my family's favorite past times is Bowling. I HATE bowling just because I SUCK!! I sometimes do really well and then I let it get to my head and throw gutter balls for the next five frames.  Oh well I am always good for a laugh while we are playing.

That's right, see that no pins knocked down in the background!!
Our little peanut waking up from her nap
Believe it or not this is a real action shot and yes Zak bowled a strike! GRRR
Kit's first time bowling....Yes she bowled a strike as well!!
proof of my awfulness...Please not this is probably my highest score and Zak's lowest score above mine. Pathetic!
Jackie, Kit, Brecklyn, Zak.  Look how big Brecklyn's feet are, actually look how small Kit's are!!!
Zak's self portrait with my finger...I dunno!
Two pins down....WOO HOO!
Gutter ball...AWESOME!



Kathryn said...

Hi Loni! I don't know if you remember me, but we went to high school together. My maiden name is Kathryn Kitzmiller...anyway I found your blog through a friend and you have a darling family. The reason I'm writing...I read your post about people not making the trek to Layton and I just had to laugh. We also live in Layton and our family, who all live in Bountiful, won't come up unless it's a birthday or my son's blessing. What is it with Bountiful people?! It's like Layton might as well be in China!!!!

Josh n' Joni said...

I'm with ya - I'm not much for bowling either. The lanes all stink like smoke in Kansas anyway - so we don't go, but I'm fine with that.

Lynsi Marshall said...

You guys are funny!

Jada Rose said...

You see when Teya and I were kids we used to play "indoor football" in the basement of our 3400 house in BTFL. Loni was always the tacklee but one day we allowed her to be the tackler! This was a dark day for Teya and I as Loni realized her competitive potential. She could lay down anyone in her path at all costs! In fact many think her nickname came from her middle name Kathryn... NOT TRUE. That fateful day in the basement she was given the suffix of
-K- ick
-A- ss
-T- ackler

So its all about competition... Lets set up a game between Loni, Teya, and Andrea, I'll bet Loni's score doubles really quick!

If you know Loni the only reason she would "suck" at anything is if she's not competing. A sure fire way to tell if Loni is competing or not, is if she gives the individual with whom she is competing "The Thousand Yard Stare", this stare can be seen when she is getting ready to follow up Teya waterskiing or snowskiing, or throwing her lacrosse stick down in a fit of anger and going nose to nose with whomever the unfortunate soul it was that dared to cross this venomous pit viper known as "KAT".


Jada Rose said...

hahaha KAT! You are so right. Jada Rose has acquired that "stare"....$#!# its gonna be a long adolescence!

Jada Rose said...

Sneak Peak of this weekends release!

Hillary said...

Hi Lon, It sounds like you bowl like I do!