Saturday, March 1, 2008

Alright, Alright I will update!!!

Ok so I still suck at blogging!! I hate my page elements I really want to know where people get those cute backgrounds and stuff so let me know!!!  Zak and I have been busy doing our usual stuff.  Zak is currently working in Vernal Monday through Friday and comes home on the weekends.  I haven't really been able to see him much during those weekends though since he has school and is getting certified Scuba diving.  We are heading to Hawaii on the 17th with my siblings and their spouses and no kids.  I am a little scared to leave my peanut for a full week, but she will be just fine I am sure.  

February was a eventful month with our family.  Zak's step-sister, Samantha had her first baby so now Kit has a little cousin four months younger than her!! They will be best friends I am sure.One of my best friends Ashley, had her little boy, Ryker.  It's about time Kit's future husband got here.  He is the cutest little thing.   This month we also found out our cousin Amberlee is having a little girl in July!  So excited! Poor Troy, he is going to know how to handle the ladies, that is for sure.  Last month my other cousin Craig got engaged to Emily Stringham! They are pretty much the cutest couple ever!  Even though Kathy Brewer is taking credit for their hook-up, Teya and I know who Emily talked to first about her little crush on Craigy, and quite frankly let's give credit where credit is due and hand it over to our Grandma Rosalie and Stringham's Grandpa Dean who were married for a short while before Grandma passed away (that's right...technically they are step cousins :)  ) and if we really want to get down to the root of the hook-up it was my mom and dad and Bob and Sue who got the two of them together.  So eat that Kathy Kay!! The Chilton kids sure do owe their eternal companionship to Mama Rose! Sorry Elise and Nick, you are out of luck!!

On the downer side we have been having our own little bouts of sickness in the fam.  Kit had her first real cold accompanied with Dia-rear and an awful runny nose.  Troy had a sore throat and was just plain not feeling good.  Of course Jada Rose steals the show with sickness though!!! The poor dear has been up at PCMC with what we think may be C-Diff.  Basically the worst case of Dia-rear you can have.  Let's count our blessings though, it's not rejection.  And our lil Charlie Cooper is still manning down the fort up there as well.  So our thoughts and Prayers have been strong for them.

Well let's get to the real good stuff all you blogger-stalkers are here for and get some pictures up.  (ps, for any of you mac users, if you know how to upload a lot of pictures easily I would love the help...and no Troy I am not going to give up on my MAC!!!!!)


Jake and Shannon Box said...

It was fun to hear from you and finally see Kit. Her and Ava were just made to be friends. Hawaii sounds fun...YOu're so brave to leave her. Let me know how it goes. She'll do great!

Lynsi Marshall said...

Yeah! I am so glad you updated. I finally found a website to get cute templates for blogs. Go to my website and it will take you there. Have fun in Hawaii I'm very jealous. See ya at work.

Joe and Kenzie Graham said...

Loni its fun to see you have blog...
Your little girl is darling, keep posting. Kenzie

Jada Rose said...

Don't get me wrong Kat, I wish I had a MAC. It would be like a Lotus Esprit compared to the Chevette I use!

"You know, I think you left your transmission back there.- You're not shifting right. This is a standard "H."

Heidi said...

Loni! I am glad I found your blog and Teya's and Troys as well!
Your little girl is beautiful!
We will have to keep in touch!
You cut my sister-in-law, Krischelle's hair yesterday! She loves it and thinks you are great!
I hope you don't mind if put you on my blogger friend list!
Love you!

Heidi said...

Hey! What island are you going to in Hawaii? I will be in Maui March 13th till the 24th!
How fun to go with all your siblings! You will have so much fun! It is hard to leave your babe, but it is healthy to have a little break every now and again!
My email is